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30 January 2012 @ 01:45 am
I think one of my best kept secrets is my love of Tarot cards and their meanings and readings and all that good stuff.

00 | THE FOOL andrei
it seems to be the obvious choice, he's the protag but I think the symbolism also works for his role in the plot
01 | THE MAGICIAN the twins
the magician represents duality and transcendence, themes that fit with the plot line of the twins.
this is text
03 | THE EMPRESS lenne
associated with ishtar, isis and demeter; she is both the womb and the tomb. as the rebel factor, lenne can both help and harm. though kind, her anger is scathing.
04 | THE EMPEROR the emperor
another derp one, the emperor represents a need to control one's surroundings; also represents the need to acknowledge somethings are not to be.
lord of the moorish cities, he's a good person who wants the best for his people but he's unwilling to accept differences and tries to mold everyone. his stance on the war is one where he has yet to acknowledge or even think about a future for his people outside of the empire
06 | THE LOVERS rielle
associated with curiosity, eden, and the devil; with desire, and duty, the conflict of which I associate highly with Rielle's character and her plotlines and also character growth,
07 | THE CHARIOT genesis
the man who started it all, he fights for one goal wholeheartedly, cutting down anyone in his path and though he is armored, he stands alone.
08 | JUSTICE althyr
hard for me to justify this one, but I think it fits. she's either this or
09 | THE HERMIT tehan
one of the generals of the alliance army is the one who guides the main party. he teaches them about the old ways and doesn't agree with the war but fights anyways.
this is text
11 | STRENGTH tenrik
the head of the fesyri tribes, he thinks of the wellfare of his people before anything else. thus his battle is not an outward one like genesis, but an inward one that comes down to this: to fight or not to fight?
associated with odin, and of course, the crucifixion. "the destruction of self brings life to humanity"
13 | DEATH reid
the card represents an end of a relationship and an increased self-awareness. also being caught up in something inescapable; fate. it's the perfect card for reid...
"be prepared for a confrontaton of the deepest questions. who we are, who we think we are, and who we will become.
15 | THE DEVIL ???
"self-bondage to an ideal"
16 | THE TOWER ???
this is text
17 | THE STAR ???
"the moment of renewed hope or discovery"
18 | THE MOON ???
the animal instinct tries to crawl out but is forced back into the abyss; but the abyss is always trying to escape, a constant struggle
19 | THE SUN ???
the mind prevails over fear, renewed hope
20 | JUDGEMENT ???
a preoccupation with the past while aknowledging that there is a new begining
21 | THE WORLD iris
fulfillment, attainment, a new cycle. considering what happens to iris, this is her card 100% (wow that is spoilery). it's the one character I was sure of from the begining.