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13 June 2012 @ 03:15 pm
the fesyr  
They live in the highlands along the southern end of the Vhisknur, at the easternmost-edge of the Empire, though they are not a part of the Empire. They live on the other side of the Gate of Illyria, a giant white stone gate seven stories tall that spans the canyon/valley leading into the Fesyr lands.

The Fesyr are composed of Twelve Clans, each with a chief/leader. The ruler of all Twelve Clans is known as the "Khagan". The line of Fesyri Kings is said to be descended from the two dragons of Imhariel and Yvngolik, who are said to have forged the moon and sun respectively. They are known as dragon-blooded, and claim lineage from the dragons.

Theirs is a nomadic society. Few and far between are the solid cities of stone, most of the time people live on the move in tents and on horseback. They are also known as masters of the horse and weapon. Their cavalry is something that you probably never want to see on the battlefield. They don't make much use of heavy armor, instead preferring the flexibility of leather and furs. Besides being known for their battle prowess, the Fesyr are also known for another thing.

Dragons. Long ago, the Fesyr alone formed partnerships with the dragons, bonds of friendship and respect. A "chosen one" or sighl, was one who's fate was tied with that of a dragon. When these two fated people met, they would form a partnership to the end of their days. Long has been the age since the great Dragon Riders flew in the sky. The Grey-Death which plagues and curses the people of the Eastern Steppe to this day as long since put the dragons to sleep. But should their sighl come, then, perhaps the dragons shall wake once again...

[R] Althyr

[R] Mulnir
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The Twelve Clans are Tenrik, Nohei, Yoli, Asudai, Lharl, Khek, Fenm, Sukhtai, Ghen, Tuul, Asfhyr, Illen. Clan names are taken from the name of the line of the clan chief. For example, the chief of the Lharl Clan is also from the line of Lharl, and bears it's name. Clan Tenrik is the clan of the Khagan, and the royal family, the line of Kings, is thus the Tenrik line.

They have their own language and customs. Honor and duty, you know that good stuff. Warriors are respected and dragon-riders even more so.

The Fesyri are vaguely based on the ancient Mongols and a smattering of Nordic and Germanic, also a healthy dose of fantasy. Probably every "dragon-rider" fantasy out there, the basis of the dragon-riding aspect isn't that unique.

  • They have an ancient alliance with the Empire, though the validity of it is in question. It has not been called upon in the last 300 years, and the Empire continues to expand and push towards the Gate, which has many clans worried.
  • They have no love for the Tribal Alliance; legend has it that it was the Alliance that long ago cursed the Fesyr with the Gray-Death.
  • The Gate of Illyria remains shut and no outsiders may enter.
[R] signifying recruitable.