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07 April 2012 @ 11:27 pm
[EMPIRE] Unit 12  
Under Command of Brigade 6, aka General Riot, Unit 12 is comprised of Archers. They're a long range group focused on archery. The Imperial Army already trains their own light cavalry/cavalry/archers, but since the militia is questionably separate from them, these guys can be considered the "elites". They often refer to the Imperial Army archers are crapshots.

Their base is located in Relkland, a small trade city where "nothing happens".

Head (Lieutenant): Hrisch
Vice Captain: Vren(i)

Misc. Members (Bow)

Misc. Members (Crossbow)

Hrisch is the Captain and holds the rank of Lieutenant in the Imperial Army. He serves under Riot, and often goes away on missions and such. They have a good relationship since Riot is fundamentally a good guy, and they're both good guys. Hrisch is good natured guy who is pretty charismatic, likeable and just an all around good leader. He's the kind of person you'd want to be in charge of your unit... He has both a fire and wind sigil.

Vren, or Vreni as Hrisch calls her, is very uptight and serious. She's basically an ice queen and is extremely talented. She has an ice sigil.

Alcander is laid back genius. Chester is the newcomer who is bullied by everyone. Martin likes maps almost as much as he likes Fleril. Tielo is the ossan/mentor who likes his beer. Annelise is the teammother who likes books and is a great shot. Fleril is the hotheaded tomboy who always competes with Alcander (and always loses). The Crossbow trio are good bros. Warin is crushing on Annelise and so is Ivon. Erich is the "mentor" figure though he's barely any older and hardly gets any respect even though he's their senior. Ivon is quite and sarcastic and good at making traps. Alcander and Erich are friends, Alcander listens to Erich when he complains about not getting any respect. Chester and Ivon have a rivalry of some sorts, and Chester and Warin are bros agains Ivon (they never outsmart him). Annelise has a crush on Hrisch which is plainly obvious to everyone except Warin for some reason.

(Yes, I'm pulling 90% of this from my ass.)